Fast, reliable, and convenient! Jess has encapsulated for me with both of my births. – B.M., Columbus

At first the thought of eating my placenta seemed barbaric! Jess educated me on the benefits of it and I was happy to give it a try! The capsules were so easy to take and were pretty much tasteless! It was better and easier than taking a multivitamin. I feel that I recovered so QUICKLY physically and mentally after the birth of my son. I would say that it’s hard to tell if the capsules helped, but I stopped taking them once I felt good and saved them in the freezer. Around 4 months, I was feeling the blues and took my capsules out–they helped tremendously in keeping my mood balanced and getting me through those rough first 6 months. I was a believer! I am currently pregnant with my second and will absolutely have Jess encapsulate my placenta again!! – K.R., Delaware

When I had my first 2 babies almost 20 years ago, I struggled so much during postpartum. I was depressed and recovery was rough! So when I got pregnant at the age of 40, and then having a baby at 41, I wanted to do anything I could to help me recover without Postpartum Depression. I had heard about Placenta Encapsulation and the benefits of it when a friend had her baby. Honestly, it was a no-brainer for me. Jess took care of the details of encapsulating my placenta and brought the capsules to me at home. They came with specific instructions on how to take them and I really believe taking them helped me emotionally and physically during the first months after having my baby. – J.S., Dublin

I was really happy with my placenta pills from Jess. She had them done very quickly and I felt they made a big difference in my postpartum for my second baby, compared to my first. I even had enough left over to help me ease back into my first few menstrual cycles post-baby. They helped so much. – E.T., Clintonville

Jessica was the most calming force involved in the birth of our first daughter. She was committed to helping us achieve the birth that we were hoping and dreaming for. She helped us design our birth plan and she was essential in helping us to stick to it. My husband was so grateful that there was someone there who could help me manage my labor while he checked us in to the hospital, etc. She helped me physically and mentally. While I was pushing, Jessica reminded me to push however felt natural, and to follow the cues of my body (no easy feat when a nurse is insisting upon ordering you to “hold your breath and push as hard as you can!”). With Jessica’s help, we were able to have a beautiful, drug-free birth that we believe was the best thing for us and our baby. Jessica also helped me with the early days of breastfeeding. Overall, we highly recommend Jessica for making your pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding experience the best it can possibly be. – A., Cleveland

Jess was an amazing resource before, during, and after the birth of our son. However, I am especially thankful for all of the work she did helping me through the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Cracked, bleeding and in a lot of pain, she gave me motivation to keep going, and the tools to heal and ultimately succeed in breastfeeding. I am so happy that I stuck with it, and I know my son is better for it! Thanks, Jess! – K., Upper Arlington

Jessica was one of the midwives for our delivery and was amazing! I (luckily) went a lot quicker than anticipated but when Jessica walked in she didn’t miss a beat checking on my baby and me and then talking my husband through helping to deliver our little girl thereby honoring our birth plan. Jess was also incredibly gentle but thorough while doing the newborn exam. My husband and I wish we could bring her to Florida to deliver our next baby! Thanks again, Jess! – D., Florida

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