Childbirth Education Classes

I am now offering private evidence-based Childbirth Education Classes to those parents interested in taking CBE without committing to a 4- or 6-week series. These classes are 1-2 hours in length and focus on the information that you want or need to know. First-time parents may want more information about all topics, while experienced parents may just want a refresher. Offering private classes allows me the flexibility to provide only the information that you are most interested in learning. Topics include common pregnancy changes, anatomy and physiology of labor and birth, complications and common interventions, what to expect in the initial postpartum period and basic breastfeeding information. The goal of my class is to leave parents feeling empowered and secure in their knowledge of birth.


Private Childbirth Education Classes are held in my office for 1-2 hours per class, depending on what topics you want to learn about. My fee is $55.00 per hour.

Please Contact Me directly to schedule your Childbirth Education Class.