Did you know that we are the only mammal who no longer consumes our placenta after birth? Did you know that your placenta is rich with nutrients important to your recovery after birth? By consuming your placenta, you can maintain hormone levels after birth, which take a major dip between day 3 and 5 postpartum and recover much easier. You can help to increase your milk supply and reduce your risk of postpartum depression. And, if you suffer from a postpartum hemorrhage, consuming placenta capsules can help your body build your blood supply faster, aiding in a faster recovery and better health and energy.

I have been encapsulating placentas since 2011 and have encapsulated hundreds of placentas. In 2017, I decided to expand my business, bringing on my sister, Alyssa Ryan Calm, to help with encapsulation, tinctures, and other placenta products. Our new website can be found at

Placenta Encapsulation, using The Chinese Method, is a process of cleaning the placenta, steaming it, and then cutting it into smaller pieces. These pieces are placed into a dehydrator, usually overnight. Once it is finished dehydrating, I grind your placenta into a fine powder that can be put into vitamin capsules for you to consume just like any other supplement.

I also offer Raw Encapsulation, which is a process of cleaning and cutting the placenta into smaller pieces without steaming. These pieces are then placed into the dehydrator.  Because this process skips the step of steaming, the placenta is dehydrated for a longer duration at a very low heat. After it is finished dehydrating, I grind it into a fine powder and encapsulate it.

If you choose to do placenta encapsulation with me, you also have the option of receiving a Placenta Tincture. The placenta tincture gives you the same benefits of your placenta as the capsules, but in a liquid form. You will still have your tincture after you have taken your last capsule. Placenta tinctures are available in 2-ounce and 4-ounce sizes. If you choose to add a tincture to your encapsulation, please specify which size you’d like.

If you would like to have your placenta encapsulated, it is best to call or email me to let me know your plans prior to your baby being born. I ask that you send me a $25 non-refundable deposit, which holds your place on my calendar and is applied to your balance once I’ve picked up your placenta. On your deposit check, please let me know which process you want, where you will be delivering, and your due date. If you do not specify or prefer one method over the other, I will use the steam process. Once your baby is born, we will make arrangements for me to pick up your placenta, encapsulate it, and then deliver it to your home. Once I have picked up your placenta, it usually takes me about 24 hours to encapsulate it and return it to you. If you are interested in more information or you would like to have your placenta encapsulated, please call or email me directly.


Once your baby is born, we will make arrangements for me to pick up your placenta, encapsulate it, and then deliver it to your home. All placenta encapsulations include your capsules, an umbilical cord keepsake, and a suggested dosage instruction card. The fee for this service is as follows:

STEAM Process: $175.00
RAW Process: $175.00
2-Ounce Placenta TINCTURE: $25.00
4-Ounce Placenta TINCTURE: $50.00

For homes outside of Franklin County, an additional charge of $0.50/mile roundtrip will be added to your bill. If you live outside of Franklin County and would like to save on mileage fees, you are welcome to drop off and pick up your placenta by making arrangements with me. Please contact me directly to make arrangements for your placenta.

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***Please note that any statements about benefits of consuming your placenta in capsule or tincture form have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. My fee for placenta encapsulation and placenta tinctures is for the service alone. What you choose to do with your capsules and/or tincture once you receive them is solely at your discretion. By hiring and paying me for the service of encapsulating and/or making a tincture from your placenta, you release me of all liability.***